Online Viscosity Rheometer

  • Display iV Value Online
  • Constant Documentation of Quality Parameters
  • Savings due to Optimizing your Input Material Mix and Pre-Drying Times

How it works

A small side stream of the PET melt flows through the 2 way adaptor to a first melt pump where always the same amount of material is transported via a nozzle to the second melt pump before the melt stream goes back into the extruder adaptor.

With the differential pressure between the nozzle the iV can be calculated.

Simple to Operate

iV values are directly shown on the display between 0.5dl/g to 1 dl/g via standardized calibration. With each individual production recipe you use the correlation between pressure, melt temperature and pump RPM. These values can be stored and further correlated with internal or external iV measuring methods.

Optional: iVON can be connected to the extruder control unit with 'start' and 'stop', 'fault signal' as well as the measured iV-value.

Plug & Play System

iVON is delivered with a full electric control panel and can be either operated as a completely independent unit from the extruder control or can be easily interlocked via binary signals and an analogue output of the iV with the extruder control.

Mechanically only one threaded hole has to be drilled in the extruder adaptor, where the iVON is mounted. This hole allows melt to be extracted and returned.

Technical Data

Supply voltage: 3 x 400 - 480 V / 50/60 Hz
Pump drive: 1.3 Nm MAX. DC Servo Drive
Heating: 1600 W
Pumps: 0.206 cm3 / RPM / 50 RPM MAX.